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This website is owned by Botagi Pty Ltd.  The following Terms and Conditions and any other rules on this website constitute an agreement between Botagi Pty Ltd and you as the visitor of this website.

These conditions govern your access and use of the content and functions on our 1LYF. website through the URL

By visiting the site you are accepting our terms and conditions specified and consenting all practices stated in the Terms and Conditions.  It is probable that our Terms and Conditons will be amended over time, and you at any use of this website will be bound by the modified Terms and Conditions.

People wishing to use the services on our website must agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.  If you are under 18 please allow a parent or guardian to read 1LYF. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before using our website.


Part of our website is an online shopping store which allows you to browse, choose and purchase products from 1LYF. In order to make a purchase on our website you can create an account or you can also checkout without creating an account with us.

In order for you to create an account with us you must provide some personal details such and contact information. It is important for you to know that it is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer. You agree to accept all actions occurred under your account or password is your full responsibility.

Whether you are creating an account with us or checking out as a guest, you adhere that all details given by you are correct and accurate at the time of placing your order. You also accept responsibility that your order is fulfilled based on the details that have been given by you to 1LYF.

This website is encouraged to be used by people over the age of 18, any users under the age of 18 are advised to use the the permission of a parent of guardian before making any purchases on this website.


Any information on our website should not be considered definitive as it is intended to be used for general, public information only. We take every measure possible to ensure all information on this site is correct although we can’t warrant that at any one time it is accurate or complete.  Botagi/1LYF. accepts no responsibility in terms of accuracy and completeness of information on this website to the maximum extent which is allowed by law. 

When you visit the 1LYF. website some information is automatically recorded by our Internet Service Provider.  The following will be recorded:

  • your servers address
  • your different domain names such as .com, .gov etc
  • the pages you visited
  • type of browser used
  • time and date you accessed the website

All information that is non-personal is considered to be non confidential. You warrant Botagi Pty Ltd the unrestricted power to use, display, perform, re-use, transmit and distribute such information for any given purpose.

Your identity will not be disclosed unless the unlikely event that a law enforcement agency accesses the warrant to inspect our ISP logs.


You permit that Botagi Pty. Ltd. is able to collect, store, disclose and share any information about you with:

  • Botagi Pty Ltd and any of its future brands
  • Any company providing services to Botagi Pty Ltd for the purposes of providing advertising information to you about the products offered by us and also to monitor the quality of such services provided to you by our brand


Third party websites are sites that are linked to ours and governed by other organisations. These third party websites are not governed by Botagi Pty Ltd in any way and we don’t take any responsibility for the functionality of third party websites.

It is your duty to ensure that your access to and use of this website and any of our third party websites is protected against viruses, trojan horses, worms and any other harmful material.


Intellectual property rights in all materials is owned by Botagi Pty Ltd.  No material from this website is to be uploaded to third party, this relates to it being used, linked to, framed, reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any possible and any process unless full consent is given by Botagi Pty Ltd.  The only exception is when it is necessary to view sections of the website on your browser or when it is permitted by law.


In addition to any other obligations listed in our Terms and Conditions, you also agree to:

  • not to transmit any viruses
  • not to be involved in any type of hacking activities of our website
  • not to use any information listed here for any kind of commercial practices
  • not to copy any material on our website
  • not to misrepresent your identity
  • not to conduct fraudulent activities to this website
  • not to tamper with this website in any way


Botagi Pty Ltd is not responsible in any way (as permitted by law) for the expense, loss or damage in correspondence with:

  • the use of this website, our third parties website or any material on our website
  • the transference of any computer trojans, worms, viruses and any other harmful material
  • any incapacity to access the website due to reasons beyond our control 

Botagi/1LYF. provides to the maximum extent permitted by law, no warranty or representation implied to any information provided by Botagi on this website.


  • Botagi Pty Ltd (1LYF.), is able to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time needed.  By using this website you acknowledge that you are bound by all amendments.  It is your responsibility to check our current Terms and Conditions which govern the relationship between Botagi Pty Ltd and yourself.  
  • If you breach any of our Terms and Conditions we are able to prohibit your access to our website.
  • Botagi Pty Ltd reserves any rights not expressed in these Terms and Conditions. 
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