Team 1LYF.

 Nate Gigovic

Hey guys, Its Nate! Hope you're all having a great day and smashing them goals of your check lists. 

If you want to see more of what i do on a daily, check me out on the social media links below. I will do my best to post a Personal Vlog of my business journey a few times a week on my Nate Gigovic YouTube Channel and also a few Vlogs on my GamesTechAuto Channel. 

There are 3 things i love in life... Building a business, Being a tech geek and the Automotive world! 

So GamesTechAuto you ask.. Yes i also have a Automotive / tech channel on Facebook / YouTube in Vlog Style. Its FREAKIN AWESOME! Check it out. Links will be below as well. 

"Get Out & Do More!"

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Ivana Gigovic

Hey friends I’m Ivana :) Just thought I would say hi! If you would like to see what I get up to and follow me around, I do my best to make as many Vlogs as I can. It’s basically my 1LYF and personal journey. What you will see is the fun, happy, exciting, sad and frustrating moments. Because hey that’s life! It sure aint always perfect but making the most of each day is what really counts.

What motivates me and what I love to do is work on building my business, spending time with Nov and my family and saving up my pennies to travel :)

Oh and I also feature in our GamesTechAuto channel as a non-car expert! Haha

Hope you guys have a happy day and I look forward to hanging with you through my socials :) 

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